Increase morale, minimize stress
and ignite purpose and productivity.

About Us

Know Your Talents’ strategic vision is to teach every organization and individual how to leverage behavior.

Optimizing behavior ensures best performance at the team and individual levels. If your company is searching for an end to end solution, Know Your Talents will provide what you are searching for and will support you to become more profitable and increase revenues.  By utilizing our easy to use integrated management system and our Know Your Talents™ Workshops, your company, no matter what size, can immediately begin leveraging behavior.

For over 14 years, Know Your Talents has been an integral part of businesses in verticals including medical, call centers, restoration, insurance, construction, retail, financial, and many more.  We partner with companies ranging from 2 employees up to 300,000+. Know Your Talents trains in behavioral awareness to strengthen their “people strategy.”  Our clients learn to hire better by analyzing critical behavioral job requirements and match people to jobs, increasing retention, and job success while reducing turnover and dissatisfaction. We teach our clients how to increase morale, minimize stress, ignite purpose and productivity and develop their staff to their fullest abilities. Our clients also come to understand how to align team dynamics, strengthen communication, cooperation and interaction, and resolve challenges and conflicts.
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