1. Developing Effective Advertising for Recruitment
2. Improving & Simplifying Interviewing Techniques
3. Developing Objective Selection Criteria
4. Improving Managers’ Ability to Motivate Employees
5. Quantifying Work-Related Stress and Morale
6. Understanding How a Manager’s Style Impacts Employee
7. Matching People to Tasks & Holding Them Accountable
8. Reducing Turnover & Dissatisfaction
9. Reducing Manager and Employee Time Spent in Non-Productive
10. Developing effective managers/leaders
11. Improving communications vertically and horizontally
12. Establishing meaningful and objective performance evaluation criteria
13. Reducing Interpersonal Conflicts
14. Forming Effective Teams or Work Groups and/or Improving Teamwork
15. Increasing organization’s knowledge and utilization of it’s people
16. Analyzing and Defining Corporate Culture
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