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Know Your Talents™ Model

KYT Certification

With this program, we teach you how to:
  • Leverage/align behavior for the best optimal results Integrate it with the way you do business every day
  • Ensure you hire the right person for you company, which will increase productivity and job satisfaction by over 45%
  • Build high performing teams
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PDP® Professional Certification

KYT is the top trusted provider of PDP certifications. The licensed PDP® client certification course is a stimulating and in-depth learning experience that will provide the knowledge and skills for using the PDP Integrated Management System. It is designed to cover the fundamental concepts of understanding people's behavior based on PDP's extensive and valid research and analysis. 
  • Your organization can utilize the strengths in their people side of business
  • Use effective communication to expedite production and productivity
  • Identify and learn to manage workplace stresses through time proven systems
  • Create action plan for immediate implementation and results
  • Learn how to develop position critical benchmarks for better results
  • Acquire knowledge for building high performing teams
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Own Your Own Business? 

Become a PDP® Licensed Associate

Know Your Talents certifies independent representatives with a business-to-business license to a potentially lucrative enterprise. A PDP® license is a low-overhead way to produce recurring revenue from year to year. We adhere to a proven, protected formula that has enabled many to succeed in a new business venture while avoiding common start-up losses.

A Practical Professional Opportunity
Know Your Talents lets you choose your own level of involvement. As a licensee, you add PDP® services and products to your existing business, establishing a branded PDP® business and building a sales organization. The license program gives you:
  • Business-to-business sales and service
  • Strong potential for on-going and repeat business 
  • Low capital investment
  • No real estate, offices or employees required 
  • No inventory to carry 
  • Full or part-time  
  • No territorial restrictions   
  • Comprehensive certification, marketing and support provided
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