Sarah Blik, Predix Sales Champion is August Employee of the Month!

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  • 31 Aug, 2012
Sarah Blik
When you merge companies you spend a lot of time educating employees and existing customers on the benefits and big picture as to why these companies have decided to come together. Its great to see when customers and employees really “get” the value and do see the big picture. In our company, there has been no better demonstration of that than from Sarah Blik, our August Employee of the month and Sales Champion for Predix. We call her the ultimate team player, or as her leader put it, “She will play on anyone’s team to help them with their goal our objective.”

Demonstrating our core values around ease, value and trust is something Sarah does everyday. Value comes from understanding the big picture and being able to demonstrate that to our customers – she does that with Ease and has earned the Trust of every BLS employee she comes in touch with. Patience and process is something you will always get from Sarah, and she demonstrated some serious patience when she and Lori Coruccini were staying in Nashville with the Gaylord explosion earlier this year. That experience enabled her to remove sleeping in the Grand Ole Opry for one night off her life “bucket list” too!

Get to know Sarah a little bit more by checking out some fun facts about her:

1. How many siblings do you have?

2 sisters and 1 brother (I’m the baby)

2. What is your favorite movie?

Sound of Music (love to watch that one with the kids)

3. What is your favorite band?

Wow that is hard I like all kinds of music – I guess I would say U2 and Santana

4. What is your favorite vacation spot?

Hawaii – I love the beaches there…Mexico also used to be one of my favorites….

5. What was your high school’s mascot?

Bald Eagle

6. What is the weirdest combination of foods you have eaten?

Deep fried cheese curds dipped in sour cream and ketchup (healthy I know) or frog legs ( ick and yes they do taste like chicken)

7. What is/was the name of your favorite pet?

Zach and Zoey our 2 dogs!

8. What was your first car?

A Datsun B210 ( it was an old rust pit that had rotted floor boards so when I went through puddles I put my feet up- safe I know)

9. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?

Norway and Sweden (go see where my family came from)

10. Would you rather sky dive, bungee jump, zip line, or parasail?

Parasail – I’m not sure I could ever sky dive or bungee jump!

11. What is the funniest saying you have heard working here?

That Justin cracked his tail bone – no pun intended….sorry Justin but it was funny. I hope he has recovered.

12. If you could eat dinner with anyone from the past, present, or future, who would it be and why?

My great grandmother as she lived to be 100 and there were a few things I remember of her but I was young when she passed away and don’t remember a lot. I would love to talk with her more about our heritage and her times and how she grew up. I used to ask her, granny, how did you live so long? She used to say, Sarah baby, you be nice to people, you pay your bills, and when you get a sore throat gargle with pickle juice. That makes me want to hear more!

Sarah, on behalf of the entire BLS leadership team – we congratulate you on being our August employee of the month!

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By Dallas Diaz 19 Jul, 2017

Another Tuesday, another informative webinar led by our Client Success Manager, Melanie Benitez . This week she taught us about how our brains accommodate and adapt to new behaviors! This information comes from an article written by Dr. Athena Staik.  Check out some of the key points below:

By Dallas Diaz 12 Jul, 2017

This Tuesday , our Client Success Manager, Melanie Benitez led our clients through a workshop that challenged us to examine the ways our behaviors impact our work environments. Recognizing and working through our individual behavioral strengths is key to our own success and the influence we have on others. Sometimes strengths are not perceived as such – unfortunately, misinterpretations can lead to interpersonal conflict in a workplace. Thus, knowing how to recognize an asset and leverage our behaviors in the most effective manner is crucial.

​Working from the individual’s strengths, identified by the ProScan Survey, the PDP system identifies motivators and shows how environmental factors affect stress, energy, and satisfaction levels. The PDP survey measures four cornerstone behavioral traits- dominance, extroversion, pace, and conformity. PDP uses the term “High” and “Low” when describing these traits, however neither are inherently positive nor negative, the measurement simple describes the position of the trait relative to the Mid-Line when graphed on the ProScan chart. Each behavior shapes the way we work and how others perceive us.

By Know Your Talents 09 Jan, 2017

I have had some amazing behavioral experiences this week.   As we start our Tutor Tuesday Leadership Series in January, I thought this was a perfect story to share.  

I was recently at a fruit and veggie market close to my home.   It is always really busy. This particular day there were only three registers open and all three lines were long.   As I moved up to the cashier, the store manager   appears and shouts out “where is everyone?”   My cashier says “I think they are on break”.   Manager shouts back, “I was just in the back, no one is back there!”   The Manager then steps over and opens her own register and starts taking customers.

In the meantime, my cashier says “how am I supposed to know where they are? And don’t you just love the tone?”   Myself and the three long lines of customers stood in awe at the interaction.

The observation of the behaviors between these two was eye opening.   You have to wonder, did the Manager have the awareness of her own behavior?   Did she understand how that interaction impacted the team members that were at their registers working? The customers, what did that do to the business?     As Managers, we hold the key to our employees’ success. Understanding behavior, not only of others but of ourselves can truly make a difference.   Do you know your behavioral strengths?   Those of your staff?

Melanie Benitez,   Client Services Manager

By Know Your Talents 29 Dec, 2016

Our sister company  LearnKey  provides self-paced education and training solutions for education, veterans, corporate/government, and personal users. Their Blue Ocean program is a highly specialized employment program for Veterans with a very special benefit, they provide intensive job assistance with all students to support their success in the program. Below is a testimonial from Ed Ohrablo, a Blue Ocean graduate.

I wanted to let you know how LearnKey has helped me succeed.  I was in the Blue Ocean program and I obtained my basic IT Certs A+, Net+ and Security+ while in this program.  I also obtained a couple of MS certifications as well.

 Beth helped me in my job search and throughout the application and interview processes.  She was a huge supporter as the interview process was lengthy and difficult. But it was worth it, I obtained a position as an analyst with a great company.

 My certs opened a door that allowed me to present myself to this organization. I have worked here for  4 months when I received a call to the director’s office.  The company had done a market research review of my position and based on my 3 IT certifications, I was given a huge raise!     The certs were not a main part of the job description but having them has increased my value to this company.

 I had an amazing support crew at LearnKey-Tristan, Jessica, and Seth that guided me through the program, offered tutor assistance, and pushed me when I was down.  It was a great experience and I am grateful for the opportunities it has offered.

Best Wishes to you and the entire LearnKey team.

Edward Ohrablo

Congratulations Ed, we are very proud of you!!

By Know Your Talents 29 Dec, 2016

As I spent the Christmas holiday with family, it was so fun to sit back and observe all of the different behaviors in the room!   At one point, someone asked me “why are you smiling?”   My response, “I just love watching all the different behaviors”, it is what makes up “our team”.   To have the awareness of behavior has changed my life. Seriously, first to begin to really make sense of who I am and then also to have an understanding of others, has opened my eyes in so many ways.

During our Christmas get together, a family friend was giving my husband and I an update on her family.   She shared how her brother has 8 year old twin girls.   As she began to describe them, immediately behaviors came to my mind.   She described one as a quiet, mellow girl, really sweet and the other one as always on the go, very talkative and just wants to have fun.   She continues with the story of how she took them to the to the candy store in the mall.   The outgoing one took off and was just filling up bags of candy all over the place, while the quiet one says, “Aunt Yvonne it is ok if I can get 2 jaw breakers and a bag of jelly beans?”        

Our behaviors are formed with both our genetics and our environment.   I thought this was such a great example of behavior and just really how cool it is to be able to understand and appreciate the differences in each of us.   It is what forms “our team”!

Melanie Benitez, KYT Client Services Manager

By Know Your Talents 28 Oct, 2016

Each Tuesday every PDP Administrator and KYT Workshop attendee is invited to join these informative and educational sessions to continue their learning of behavior.  Topics vary from month to month based on the requests of our administrators.    Examples of topics covered include:

  • Working with Challenged Team
  • Strengthening the Emotional Muscle
  • MAXIMIZING the Motivators Review
  • Coaching with ProScan
  • Combined Traits & How They Work Together
  • Job Modeling 101
  • Understanding Communication & Leadership Styles

If you are a certified administrator or a KYT workshop attendee, please expect to see our weekly invite to these sessions.  If you don’t receive, please contact Melanie Benitez directly at 480-348-8900.

By Know Your Talents 17 Oct, 2016

Arizona Business Leadership Association (AzBL) is an exclusive, by invitation only, organization of senior executives and professionals who come together to learn from each others’ experiences, be enlightened by stimulating programming, honor successful companies which exemplify community leadership and offer educational opportunities to the Arizona business community.   ( ) Lori Coruccini was honored with serving as President for 2015-2016 and was recognized at AzBL’s first event this year, receiving a stunning Kachina. AzBL’s event hosted Vice President, Dan Quayle, as the speaker.

Lori stated, “I am humbled to have had the experience to lead such an outstanding group of executives this past year, and am so grateful for the mentorship and friendships developed. There is no better organization in Arizona that provides education from some of the top leaders in the world. Even though it created a busy year for me, I tremendously enjoyed the journey.”

Know Your Talents will be a featured as an Executive Partner of AzBL this year.

By Know Your Talents 09 Sep, 2016

Image:Lori Coruccini, Brent Hubby, President of PDPGlobal, Melanie Benitez, & Sarah Blik!

We are so excited yet humbled to announce that Know Your Talents has been awarded the top international sales award for the distribution of PDP for the 7th year in a row.  We know this is not possible without customers that believe in us and have confidence in our work and the remarkable PDP System.

Thank you to all of our customers for being such huge fans!!  Kuddo’s to you, we truly appreciate your support!

By Know Your Talents 09 Sep, 2016

Would like to become the internal behavioral expertfor your company and make a difference?  Understanding behavior in the workplace,  starting at the hiring stage can be a game changer for your organization. We host a PDP Certified Administrator Workshops monthly in Scottsdale Arizona, join us and be the game changer for your organization!

Workshops are scheduled monthly in Scottsdale Arizona!!

  • Wednesday, September 14th & Thursday, September 15th, 2016
  • Wednesday, October 5th & Thursday, October 6th, 2016
  • Wednesday, November 16th & Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Need us to come to you??  If you have at least 2 individuals that will be certified, please let us know!  

See testimonial below from Jason Fletcher with ServPro of Peoria.

“I am reaching out to let you know how much I truly appreciate everything that you and your staff have done for my organization. With your help we have truly changed the mindset of our company. I would be the first to say I was skeptical of how it all works with the pro-scans and putting it all together. You did an amazing job at our team impact workshop and got everyone involved to see what some of our hurdles were that stopped us from working together in a team format.  

We have since moved over and started doing pro-scans in our hiring process and this has allowed us to cut our turnover rate down to a minimal amount . This is huge as this is not normal in our industry especially at the entry level positions. We are now working on starting some job modeling that I think will help greatly as well.

  I would also like to thank Sarah & Melanie for all of their help and hard work as well. Every time I need something they are extremely responsive. I would recommend your company to anyone serious about changing the culture in their organization to become a true team.”

                                                                                                                                        Thank You! Jason Fletcher

In just two days  understand and learn action items for working with individuals’ strengths, communication and work styles. With this behavioral expertise, see success in your hiring process, role definitions, succession planning, communication tactics, conflict resolution and MORE!

YOU will become an expert in?
• Interpreting and discussing ProScan® reports, and using the information to develop improvements and solutions
• Developing job model profiles to fit any position in the organization; interviewing and selecting the right people for the right roles
• Team planning; defining roles and responsibilities; learning what to expect from team members; enhancing communication
• Leading people to achieve personal success and satisfaction

Call us at 480-348-8900 or contact for more information and registration.

By Know Your Talents 24 May, 2016
Being recognized as a guest at a hotel was such a great customer service experience! Do you think I am a customer for life? Indeed!
Through our work at Know Your Talents, it is often that the team shows up in cities across the US to provide workshops, speaking engagements, trade shows, etc. and if you are a traveler, you know how demanding traveling can be on your teams, your family and yourself! Yet, when you walk into the hotel, you see YOUR name on the marquis, not the companies, but YOUR name. And it is the hotel’s appreciation for all the time spent in traveling and they want YOU to feel special. And it works! Check out the picture of our own Sarah Blik next to her marquis sign, the sign over the counter when at check-in and they gave her a welcome basket. Such a superb customer service experience!
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