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Our Workshops

KYT Team Impact! Workshop

This is one of Know Your Talents, Inc.'s core programs. The Know Your Talents™ Team Impact! is designed to help you understand team’s behavior. With this program, we teach you how to leverage and align behavior for the best optimal results and integrate behavior in the way you do business every day. 

 Each participant quickly gains knowledge of how their behavior impacts their roles, their teams and the company every day. This workshop is guaranteed to increase communication, trust, supports delegation and helps to recognize accountability opportunities on teams and for management. 
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Become a Certified PDP Professional!

The PDP® Professional Certification course is a stimulating and in-depth learning experience that will provide the knowledge and skills for using the PDP Integrated Management System. 

It is designed to cover the fundamental concepts of understanding people's behavior based on PDP's extensive and valid research and analysis. The focus will be on proven behavioral applications that will meet your organizational needs.
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KYT Team Essentials Workshop

The Know Your Talents™ Team Essentials workshop supports teams in gaining trust and reducing conflict on teams for all managers, employees and new employees. The workshop may be perceived as a ‘tough’ session to work through however we leave no elephants unturned! 

 It is our goal to leverage and maximize the strengths on the team while paying attention to the ‘blind spots’ which may be causing distrust. You are guaranteed to have some breakthroughs with communication, resolving conflict and improving trust on your teams.
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KYT Sales Process for Champions Workshop

Is your company ready to increase it’s revenue? This workshops teaches how individual behaviors impact the sales process, where sales professionals get stuck and how to maximize their strengths to close business quickly. 

 The workshop is aligned around the sales teams behaviors, the value propositions, how to shorten the sales cycle, overcoming objections and closing the sale. This workshop is customized to your company and no sales team is too advanced for this learning!
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KYT One Page Strategic Plan Workshop

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Own Your Own Business

Become a Licensed Associate with Open Territories

Know Your Talents certifies independent representatives with a business-to-business license to a potentially lucrative enterprise. A PDP® license is a low-overhead way to produce recurring revenue from year to year. We adhere to a proven, protected formula that has enabled many to succeed in a new business venture while avoiding common start-up losses.
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KYT Train the Trainer Workshop – Team Impact!

Know Your Talents offers Train the Trainer with our Team Impact! workshop. The training becomes a valuable asset inside your company to be able to facilitate internally at any given time. Team Impact! is effect training for handling team conflict, improving communications or maximizing behaviors to gain optimum output on teams. We adhere to a proven, protected formula that has enabled many to succeed with all size companies. 
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